Photographic editor:

Ash Hirani, BSc (Hons), GPhC

Born in the East End of London in the early 1970s to working class parents who migrated from India in the late 1960s, Ash’s childhood and teenage years were spent living in Cardiff. As with most migrant parents of that era, Ash’s parents had one mission – to provide their unborn children with the platform to thrive, sacrificing their own dreams in dedication to this mission.

Ash Hirani

Ash’s mother worked selflessly and tirelessly to support the family in the early years, neglecting her own needs in the process, which sadly led to her slipping into a severe diabetic coma. Thankfully she survived, but it left her dependent on daily shots of insulin. Having to take injections was a new and intimidating phenomenon back in those days and Ash took on the role of administering these to her, managing his teenage routines to ensure timely delivery of her prescribed doses. Around this time, a pharmacist joined the family through marriage, and the lifestyle that his career afforded him inspired Ash greatly. This, combined with the exposure that his mother’s condition had provided, paved the path for Ash’s journey towards a career in pharmacy.

Ash worked hard to fund his way through university, with the little financial support his family could provide, and he achieved his ambition, qualifying as a pharmacist in July 1996.

As he progressed in his career taking locum positions, he was able to embrace a longstanding interest in photography which he continues to develop as a hobby. Throughout his career, aside from enjoying the interactions with NHS patients in the community, Ash has been a beacon of support for friends and family who have sought advice and guidance on their medication prescriptions and health.


Working in the NHS has continued to expand Ash’s skills in building rapport with people, understanding people from different perspectives, managing tight deadlines and the ability to work under pressure, and all of these skills have rippled into every area of Ash’s life. His passion for photography has continued to blossom over the years, where Ash has got involved in various charity initiatives, including a decade of managing the audio and video technology within a global charitable organisation. Having refined his techniques, he has also established a side interest, Blue Arch Photography, to provide professional portraiture and lifestyle photoshoots. His passion with portraiture photography is to work with his subject to capture their true essence.


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