Author and journalist:

Joy Persaud BSc(hons), NCTJ 

Dr Chet Trivedy

Joy is an award-winning journalist and editorial coach who has worked for national newspapers, magazines and websites for 27 years. She has a strong interest in health journalism and has worked undercover to improve procedures in stroke protocols and to expose plans to close a hospital (which remains open to this day). 

 She has worked for medical trade publications and has also written pharmaceutical news. Her career began in local newspapers in West London. An NCTJ-qualified journalist with a degree in psychology, she went on to work on national newspapers and magazines, as well as trade publications – many health-related. 

 Joy was born in Wembley, is of Indian-Guyanese heritage, and is no stranger to the question, ‘Where are you really from?’ and the infrequent yet devastating, ‘Go back home’. Undeterred by such ignorance, she sees herself as a true Brit and is a proud Londoner.

From her earliest days at the state schools she attended, Joy knew she would be a writer, and she strives to use her skills to make a difference and to be an advocate. She hopes this book will bring home to many the importance of how humans can collaborate for the greater good, no matter where they happen to be from – regardless of accent, religion and skin colour.

Joy is currently looking into her own heritage and is learning much about the courage and drive of her ancestors, many of whom endured severe hardship – including indentureship – to successfully improve the lives of their families and communities.

Joy says: “My respect and admiration for the NHS run deep. This institution has saved the lives of loved ones and it has helped me through extremely difficult times. We take the NHS for granted, which is often what we do with things we love, and working on this book has given me the opportunity to speak to the people who make the NHS work so we recognise them as people in their own right, each with their own stories, and as far more than just one face among many.”


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